Submissions to Issue #2 of The Seethingographer are now open!

The Seethingographer Issue #2 Summer 2017 theme:

‘Going Home’

 What is Home and where is it? Is it wherever you are, or is home a place you yearn for? What makes a house a home?

Please send us your new- not-published-before flash fiction, place-based writing of no more than 170 words; short poems of no more than 20 lines and high resolution jpeg images on the theme of ‘Going Home’, to by midnight April 30th

Please include your name, email address and web site, if you have one.

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Come and carry me away

gather up my pieces

fold them tidy

tuck in the frayed edges

carry me away

click and swish

bob me to the beat of your footsteps

make your way between the trees

brush me up against the sun rough bark

carry me away

packed with my heaviest bits at the bottom

place my delicate leaves on top

put me in the press undamaged

carry me away

or set me down in a windy park

let me unfurl

let the wind

carry me away

Sinead Keegan





Dear Seething Writers: Future’s So Bright….

Dear All,

I bear glad tidings and sad tidings:

Sad tidings: I am no longer able to give Seething Writers the time and energy that I would like to and have, since its inception in June 2016. This is simply due to other commitments, and there not being a time machine readily available to squeeze everything in…

Glad tidings: I am delighted to say that Sharon Zeqiri and Simon Tyrrell will take over as organisers and facilitators, so that Seething Writers can continue! I am so pleased to hand over to two great people, talented writers in their own right, who have been active members of Seething Writers from the start.

Thank you all for being there and for enthusiastically taking part and trying out all the writing activities; for walking and talking and sharing your work and words- it has been an absolute pleasure- and I hope I will be able to pop in and say hello and come for a pint at some point, and maybe persuade you into another walk sometime!

Lucy X

Next dates for Seething Writers meet ups at the Museum of Futures:

March 20th

April 24th

May 22nd

Something wonderful is about to happen…




Seething Writers Workshop February 28th 2017


“Seething Writers Go Totally Ekphrastic”

Tuesday 28th February 7.30pm – 9.00 pm at The Museum of Futures, Surbiton. Facebook event HERE.

Please come and join in if you write or would like to write, and would like to meet other like-minded folk! We will talk writing, do writing and then go to the pub.
We will be writing in response to the visual poetry show at the Museum

More info about this forthcoming exhibition and events can be found here:







Seething Writers Make Merry and Seethingographer Launch

swmakemerrysimWe met for a festive reading and social at the Museum of Futures in December, to celebrate a very successful and enjoyable six months of Seething Writers, and to launch The Seethingographer, a chapbook anthology of writing and images from Seething Writers, published on the brand new Seethingography imprint by Sampson Low publishers.

The Seethingographer Chapbook
The Seethingographer Chapbook

There were fantastic readings, including a gorgeous poem from Diane Keighley, which she has very kindly allowed to be published here:


Frosted skeletons of leaves adorn the twisted boughs
And icy spears usurp the verdant lawns
While festive laughter rings from lighted halls
And yellow lanterns push back winter’s claws.

In nature’s death we grasp at vital warmth
To fill the darkened hours till new year’s dawn
With joy, the robin’s scarlet heart lifts ours
To see a flash of red, a memory of blood.

Diane Keighley

Also a great festive tale from Simone Kay:

Michael Bauble

There was once a Christmas bauble called Michael Bauble. He was the only mouth blown bauble on the tree but because of his plain colour he had been put to the back at the bottom. All he ever wanted to do was sing and all the other Christmas baubles told him not to. They said “that’s not what Christmas baubles do”.

The other Baubles were made of plastic some had white snow on the top , some were spotted , some were iridised , some had indents which would catch the light , some were long and thin, they were all different sizes.

But Michael knew that he was in love with the Angel at the top of the tree and when he sang he felt that he was floating in the air and sure enough he was . The more he sang the higher he got to his angel. The other baubles were inspired to start singing, so started three-part harmonies and singing descant. The small baubles were singing in their high soprano voices and all the big baubles had deep tenor voices and the really big baubles were doing drum and bass.

As Michael reached the top of the tree the Angel saw him and invited him to hang from the bare branch by her side. This was the most joyous and harmonious Christmas tree in all the land. (People came from all over the world to visit this tree, it was in Surbiton)

Simone Kay


Thanks to the lovely people who brought mince pies! And especially to Helen Nicholas for supplying the mulled wine – it was very much appreciated!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!* Lucy X

Thanks to Trish Gant for permission to use this pic

*This post is rather later than hoped as I have been poorly, but better now.








Knock knock, who’s there?

A great story from Pat Cann, read with style (and props!) at last night’s Seething Writers Make Merry event.

patc44's Blog

They turned up at the group, the usual suspects. They stood outside the meeting place, hands in pockets, shuffling around, looking shiftily at one another, nodding as a new person joined the troupe.

‘Cold tonight’ one said – the breath blowing out of their mouth like smoke from a steam train.

Of course it was cold, it was December, and it was Surbiton!

The boss turned up, keys in hand, fingerless gloves, and scarf covering half their face. They weren’t sure who it was letting them in, they were confident it was the boss. They nodded in acknowledgment.

‘Cold tonight’ the boss said – obviously, it was December and it was Surbiton.

The room was cold, but they had made a determined effort to meet for the last time. Well, the last time before Christmas that was. The blinds were closed, it afforded them some privacy. The door shut behind…

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The Seethingographer, Issue 1, Winter 2016

The Seethingographer Chapbook
The Seethingographer Chapbook

The Seethingographer is a ‘compact and bijou’ anthology of some of the writing and images from the Seethingography blog, written by Seething Writers, or about Seething in some way (which of course, has no boundaries…). With contributions from Sharon Zeqiri, Sinead Keegan, Lisa Davison, Simon Tyrrell, The Historier, Paul Miner, Robin Rutherford and Katharine Scott.

This is an A6, full colour chapbook, published by Sampson Low Ltd, under the brand new Seethingography imprint, where more work by Seething Writers, or about Seething will be published in the future.

The chapbook was launched on Thursday December 1st, as part of the fantastic Collect Connect retrospective exhibition currently on at Kensington and Chelsea College.

There will also be a Seethingographer launch at the Seething Writers Make Merry event, which is FREE, and takes place on Monday 5th December at the Museum of Futures in Surbiton, from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Mulled wine will be served and we will be celebrating a successful six months of Seething Writers meet ups. Everyone is invited to bring a piece of writing or poems to share, with a festive theme if you would like!

More information and facebook event here.

Copies of The Seethingographer will be on sale at the launch for £2 each, or you can buy them via Sampson Low – look under Seething Chapbooks here

Huge thanks to Alban Low of Sampson Low for publishing The Seethingographer, and to all the Seethingers who have come and taken part in Seething Writers meet ups, walks and events, to everyone who has submitted work to this blog.

Special thanks also to Robin Hutchinson and Simon Tyrrell for suggesting I get involved…x




Seething Sparkles

Seething Sparkles
*Seething Sparkles*

I turned up to the Seething Events planning meeting to send my apologies and offer face embellishing at the community days. The immediate response was “oh can I have some glitter now!”

“OK is it someones birthday because I need an excuse? Ah Andy Cummin’s is going to Edinburgh for a month! OK then if I put my hand into my bag and find glitter I’ll do it.”

Of course it was the first thing my fingers touched so off I went walking around applying glitter dots to the beautiful faces…

Simone Kay has been painting faces since working on a play bus in the early 80’s and face painting at the first  Kingston Green Fair.  At Glastonbury festival she started to cut and use her own stencils to help speed up face painting 160 people in two hours with her team. She has always enjoyed using sparkly glitter as it seems to lift the spirits of participants and observers.

(*note from the Editor- I’ve been saving this post for a rainy day)



National Poetry Day at the Museum of Futures – in Pictures

‘Say it With a Poem’ was held on Thursday 6th October, National Poetry Day, at the Museum of Futures. Poetry was created, read and shared by people who dropped in from the afternoon until late in the evening.

It was a great bonus to have Future Mellon‘s time capsule there, with Andreas creating a gallery space downstairs in the museum, a space for people to write a message to the future. The time capsule was then sealed with great ceremony, and will not be opened again until way into the future: 5th December 2092!

Thanks to Lisa Davison and Sinead Keegan of All the Sins– this would not have happened without their support. Also thanks to the Museum of Futures- a great venue for this event, allowing everyone the space to try a range of different hands-on activities for making and discovering new poems.

Finally, a BIG Thank you to Lisa Davison for taking these photos.