What is Seethingography?


What is Seethingography?

Seethingography is: the writing and study of  the State of Seething

Is there something special about the place where you live?

A strangely-shaped tree?

A sign outside a shop which makes you laugh or wonder if there is a story behind it?

A brick wall that makes you think of a castle?

Maybe a brightly-coloured front door of a house, which reminds you of the seaside?

Do you like walking around where you live and seeing what’s new, what’s changed and what is the same…

There are many ways in which you can join in the quest to investigate the place and spirit of Seething…

  1. Take a photo of something that feels important to you about where you live and write a sentence about it.
  2. Send  a description, poem, essay, story about how something about where you live has affected you or meant something to you. How you you think it makes the place you are in special or unique- this does not have to be a permanent ‘thing’ – it could be transient, seasonal, an event or a sound…

This is your chance to have your say, give an opinion, some knowledge, a recommendation…even a review?

Please send text up to  400 words, poems up to 20 lines,  photographs (jpgs please) with your name to:  seethingography@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!