Shafts of Sunlight

Robin - AuthorisededitDeep under the ground of Seething run a myriad of shafts lying dormant since emptied of their talcum. Deep in our minds shafts of creativity, fun and hope fall into disuse and begin to petrify. How do we rediscover the locations of these pitheads and encourage our thoughts and actions to explore these rich veins again?

One day a man looked back upon his time and realised quite how early in his life learned fear had begun to influence his decision-making. Thoughts of failure and embarrassment had been fuelled and reinforced far too early by the ‘right and wrong’ dogmatism of ‘knowledge’. True exploration of ideas and play had been quietly restrained by those that cared – ‘Let us save you the trouble for we too have tried that and it won’t work.’

But of course it will because it can only fail against your expectations and mine will be different to yours yet still with guiding heart we all try to lead people to our safe land and accidentally take away exploration.

I shall search for the pitheads of the talcum mines. Don’t tell me they never existed because I know in my mind that they did and I will find them. Then, I will laugh and that sound will echo down my past to the child who smiled at the sun and believed.

Robin Hutchinson


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