What Begins and Ends with Water -or- June, 2015


a municipal tanker truck’s hose

douses flower baskets

hanging from high street lamp posts,

the excess pouring onto pavement,

channeled along cracks and seams,

pooling in the most deeply damaged places;

in the morning, on the way to work,

stepping over these


milling around outside the venue

under a tarnished sky

between the ceremony and reception,

sporadic droplets and soured light

harry the guests and photographer

but have no affect on the smiles

of the groom or bride


before, during, and after

the heart attack, his shower head

fulfills its function, water delivered

through a constellation of holes

as always, rinsing him upright,

doubled over, collapsed,

the flow still cleansing, washing,

then washing away


easel poised on Kingston Bridge

as the day ends, face to the Thames,

back turned on traffic, a painter

wielding canvas, brushes, and palette

like fly paper, trying to catch,

intact, what never ceases,

reaching for everything

that’s slipping beneath him

David Russamano



One thought on “What Begins and Ends with Water -or- June, 2015

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