Seething Writers: The Second Coming


Our second meeting, held last Monday evening, July 4th, was a great success. Some superb writing was produced in a very short time in response to a writing exercise called: ‘Ready Steady Write’. If you remember the TV cookery show where various people would turn up with a carrier bag of random food items, which a chef would then have to turn into an array of delicious dishes, this was a take on that. A few random items were selected and put in a carrier bag and people wrote in response to one, all or a combination of these objects.

Look out for up-coming posts featuring some of this writing!

You can also join the Seething Writers Facebook Group here.

The next Seething Writers meet is July 25th, Museum of Futures at 7.30pm. If the weather is ok we will go for a walk and come back to the museum to write about our explorations and adventures. Do join us!





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