Prestwick, March 3rd 1960.


At the Seething Writers Group Evening last Monday, Lucy, our leader, put four articles on the table and we were given a few minutes to write about them. A child’s blue shoe and yellow cup, a packet of paracetamol, and a Japanese paper fan. After a minute or so, the little plastic shoe became a blue suede shoe, which sparked a memory of an account of Elvis’s brief visit to Scotland, and a little story started to come to me. It was inspired by some personal experiences, (a few details were furnished by Google: there’s a nice first hand account of that day here.).

My Uncle Tony lived with us in the London suburbs when he was a teenager. He was an economic migrant just over from rural Ireland. I was a small child. I would say he is an Elvis fan, but the word “fan” does not seem big enough to…

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