Picnics and Paintings…24 hours in Seething

It started, as it so often seems to in Seething, with the Guinea pigs… shopping for picnic ingredients in Sainsbury’s. And then a hop, skip and jump to St Andrew’s Square, frilly with bunting and with Lefi in attendance. Rum punch galore and fine music played by a man in the baggiest trousers I have witnessed outside of Glastonbury. Could one want for any more on a scorchio August Bank Holiday in the suburbs?

But there was more- after the picnic came the art- a marathon of it- at the Lamb, with the promise of a cape to be fashioned, looooooong pictures for colouring in, competitions to enter, metal to be twisted into new and exciting shapes, large pieces of fabulous art on the gates outside the pub, and on the wall in the garden.

Not forgetting of course, the small matter of a Fairy staying up through the night to magic up a wonderful watercolour…


And- even more- the next day,beginning this morning, Sim running a stained glass workshop in the garden!


All for charity, with the finished pieces to be auctioned later this year and you can still donate here for Creative Youth – because all of this was done to raise funds for this superb charity.

I still wonder if all these amazing things can really be taking place in the sleepy town where I grew up…but they really are.


By Lucy Furlong





Art for a Day…Today!

Kay Galbraith- The Art Fairy
Kay Galbraith- The Art Fairy

Art For A Day will be a multi-disciplinary art event over 24 hours raising money for Creative Youth.
Beginning at 3pm on the 29th August during the community picnic in St Andrew’s Square, Surbiton, Art For A Day will see multiple artists creating work and running workshops over the 24 hours and will be spread out between the Lamb Pub and the Museum of Futures.

Two artists Kay Galbraith and Eddie Langham will be creating a piece of art over the 24 hours. Kay will be painting and Eddie will be making a fashion piece. Members of the community will be invited to bring their inspiration and take part in both pieces.

From the Lamb website:

The wonderful Kay Galbraith will be creating a painting over 24hours, she told us a little bit about her and the project:

“I started painting in January 2012 and shortly after I found myself illustrating a book written by Robin Hutchinson called The Little Rainbow Coloured Bird which supports Creative Youth.
From then on I always supported Creative Youth and the wonderful festival that fills Kington with energy and life for a few
weeks in July.
I had been mulling over what fund raising event I could possibly do to support them when I came up with the idea of painting a watercolour over 24 hours! Another reason being is I feel I don’t paint enough and this will make me paint!!!
The painting will then be auctioned later in the year with all monies going to Creative Youth Charity.”

Throughout the event many other artists will be producing work which will culminate in an exhibition and auction in a few months. There will also be many workshops and opportunities to get involved and create something of your own which could be included in the exhibition.

The money raised through this event will go to Creative Youth, organisers of the international Youth Arts Festival. Creative Youth enables young people to realise their potential through the arts, develops young people by equipping them with the skills and confidence to succeed in business and the arts, and celebrates the achievements of young people in the arts worldwide during the International Youth Arts Festival. It is a special charity helping the headliners of tomorrow get noticed and helping those young people who need skills, direction and support to get noticed too! Have a look at www.creativeyouthcharity.org

Our community always gives very generously and we’d like to say a big thank you! To give you an idea of the difference your donation can make to, here’s an idea of what it can go towards:

£900 covers the new and much needed music equipment
£320 covers the cost of road closures for an event
£100 covers the cost of hiring a van for a day
£12.20 pays for travel for a musician, another £12 covers a meal and drink as well
£25 buys art supplies
£3 buys a box of pens

If you would like to make a donation please follow the link bellow to the team Just Giving page.




Oh little town of Seething Wells


Oh, little town of Seething Wells, how still we see thee lie – Meandering through our own waterworks, we risked being run down, by joggers or commuters we crossed at lights.

Tourists from another world, gazing in awe at blue painted railings, snapping brickwork and each other.  Visitors gathering samples to take back to our craft.

Like schoolboys we searched our pockets for things to drop into a well, took photos of the sun, quenched by filterbeds.
Brave voyagers, we walked amongst the resting places of a thousand souls.  Where were these creatures for whom water had been cleaned and towers built?

We called, yet no one answered, tuned instead to cobbled together tales of northern streets on glowing screens hung on walls where once their ancestors gazed benignly down.  Good grace stayed our hands that longed to knock and wake them up.

Leave them to their slumbers, like Titania’s host, we must away, to pick through the gathered fruits, choosing which to eat and which to store away.

By Robin Rutherford





One Blue Shoe

SW_4thJuly2016_4I was suddenly transported, wondering where the thought had come from, why it had just now come into my mind.

The Lost Gloves of Seething are all at once sad and amusing but there was nothing amusing here, no wreaks and nobody drowning, in fact nothing to laugh at at all. There it goes again, my mind inappropriately lightening the mood.

But this was real, all too real. I shook my head to clear the thought and leapt back to reality. I tore my gaze away from that tiny child’s shoe with its slow trickle of blood, stark red against the blue plastic.

And through the smoke and the rubble, the noise and charred crumpled bodies I ran to be of whatever little help I might be.

By Roger Hayes

(originally from Seething Writers writing prompt: Ready, Steady Write)



Heel and sole
as a span of fan
soothes with cool draught
as a cool draught
‘twixt cup and pain
heals a soul
heel and sole.
By Simon Tyrrell
(originally from Seething Writers writing prompt: Ready, Steady Write)



Face Embellishing at Surbiton Food Festival

Photo by Tangle photography

I should be used to it by now, smiley people running towards me to
present their faces for glitter dots or a painted stencil of Lefi, or specially
for this festival, a design of a cup cake!

It wasn’t always like that.  I would show people a mirror and they would
shy away and say “yuck”. “Take that away I never look at myself in a
mirror”  Always a negative response and with a heavy heart I would ask
if they would like some glitter dots like mine?

“Oh ok” I carefully applied the liquid silver with tiny dots around the
eyes and forehead then showed the very same mirror. “That’s so
beautiful!!”  “Gorgeous.”

This glitter dotting has become a tribal look, and the face embellishing adds colour, interest and joy to the Seething events.
Simone Kay has been painting faces since working on a play bus in the early 80’s and face painting at the first  Kingston Green Fair.  At Glastonbury festival she started to cut and use her own stencils to help speed up face painting 160 people in two hours with her team. She has always enjoyed using sparkly glitter as it seems to lift the spirits of participants and observers.