Home is not a place,

home is a time.

A dot in time.

A non-dimensional point in time.


A time in the past, but not gone.

It’s not what happened, but what you kept.

A time in the future, but already known.

It’s not what will happen, but its meaning.


Home is not a place – home takes place.

Home is being accepted without any exam – as a tree or as clouds.

Home is being welcomed long before you arrive.

Home is belonging – or rather having belonged.


Home is a point in the chest that keeps us breathing.

Juan Maria Solare

Composer and pianist, Juan María Solare, was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1966 and has lived in Germany since 1993. Solare teaches piano at the Musikschule Bremen, tango music at the Universität Bremen and Composition and Arrangements at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. He conducts the Jacobs Chamber Orchestra at the Jacobs University Bremen, and the symphonic orchestra of the Bremer OrchesterGemeinschaft.

His compositions are performed throughout Europe and broadcasted regularly. As pianist, centre of his repertory are the contemporary classical music (Cage, Schönberg, Pärt) and Argentine tango music – featuring his own works in both categories. He writes for music magazines (Madrid, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Köln, London) and for the radio (Deutsche Welle, Südwestfunk).




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