Become a Seethingographer

Is there something special about the place where you live?

A strangely-shaped tree?

A sign outside a shop which makes you laugh or wonder if there is a story behind it?

A brick wall that makes you think of a castle?

Maybe a brightly-coloured front door of a house, which reminds you of the seaside?

Do you like walking around where you live and seeing what’s new, what’s changed and what is the same…

If any of this rings true then you, my friend, are a Seethingographer…

This is your chance to have your say, give an opinion, some knowledge, a recommendation…even a review?

Please send text up to  400 words, poems up to 20 lines,  photographs (jpgs please) with your name to:

The Ancient Association of Seethinographers; The Worshipful Guild of Seethingography
Explorers of the Spirit of Story in the State of Seething; Seekers of Seething Stories
Mappers of the ever-changing and growing nature of the mythology of Seething
Custodians of the Compass of Curiosity; Spinners of the Yarn; Keepers of Bees in Bonnets; Folders of maps; Turners of Corners; Markers of Books; Drifters and Diviners of Delight; Tellers of New Tales of Seething; The Court of Daydreams…